Tristan Vermatel

The newly ascendant Rogue Trader of the dynasty


A stern and handsome man that shows his youth. He is regularly wearing a black naval uniform with gold trim.


Tristan Vermetal is born in the Void aboard the Imperator’s Aegis, but his father Sigfried sends him off the ship quickly to be with his mother, a daughter of one of the noble families of the Calexis Sector.

Vaunted- He is raised on Scintilla, the seat of power of the Calexis Sector where he plays the games of the Nobility and learns to scheme and carouse with the best of them. He sees his father infrequently, but is always bewitched by the authority and independence he shows.

Chosen by Destiny- It seems too long before he is summoned by his father aboard the Imperator’s Aegis to learn the calling of the Rogue Trader and meet his duties as heir apparent to the Dynasty. He is 14 when brought aboard the ship, and like his father acquaints himself with all aspects of it’s operations. He makes many friends amongst the crew, most especially with Cymbral who serves in the ship board militia.

Dark Voyage- He is present on the Bridge when the Voyager is assaulted by the Fiends. While the main incursion seemed to be in the engine block, the true threat presented itself on the Bridge. What happened there is known to none save Tristan and the Navigator Faydra Allene, the only survivors of the bridge crew that dark day.

Prestige- With the fate of the Dynasty now in question, Tristan assumes his proper place as the head of the family. He returns to his noble roots to make the transition as smooth as possible and the Warrant of Trade is officially passed to him on Scintilla, witnessed by the Lords of the Calexis sector. Tristan truly enters manhood and it is said that he is profoundly changed by witnessing the warrant itself, a document believed to date to the earliest days of the empire.
Rogue Trader- Agents of the Inquisition present at his assumption of the Warrant, impose a new restriction on his crew, to investigate and if necessary purge nascent corruption within Winterscales Realm. He has not forgotten the lure of the lost Eden, and he travels into the Expanse to prepare the way for yet another expedition.

Tristan Vermatel

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